O NÁS  
Mobilities in program Grundtvig, project Eduart in prison, 2011 - 2013

Barcelona, Spain
Participant from PhotoART Centrum: Lena Jakubčáková

Term:  24. – 26. October 2012

TransFORMAS: Eva Garcia, Thomas Louvat
Lieux Fictifs: Caroline Caccavale, Sophie Dominique
Galdus: Giusy Minutolo
E.s.t.i.a. associazione culturale: Michelina Capato, Adriana Dell'Arte
Cultures, publics et territoires: Patrick Facchinetti
Unter Wasser Fliegen: Angelika Knaak Sareyko, Pauline Blumental

The main program of the work meeting was a preparation of the conference in Marseille and a work on mind maps.
Planned meetings of the partnership in the Grundtvig program:

October 2011, Košice, SK, conference Journey to the Unknown - realised, 12 participants >>>

January 2012, Barcelona, SP, work meeting - realised, 1 participant >>>

April 2012, Paris, FR - realised, 2 participants >>>

June 2012, Marseille, FR, symposium - realised, 2 participants >>>

October 2012, Barcelona, SP, work meeting - realised, 1 participant >>>

June 2013, Marseille, FR, european conference - realised, 4 participants >>>

Together 10 mobilities